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About Brios

Our mission is to help protect investors.
Brios is a free source of information for investors and shareholders: stock market fraud, legal investigations, lawsuits, settlements and more! 


Every day, our analysts and partner law firms (paid advertising) go through the available information on public companies. They look for unrevealed frauds, schemes, manipulations, and other artifices.

We use our forensic skills to democratize investigations because the findings belong to investors.

We invite investors and shareholders to read about events leading to the investigation and lawsuit, add any and vote on their pertinence.

Legal Resources

When it comes to legal recourse, we take the responsibility to make it as clear as possible: from the allegations to the class description, to confidential witnesses’ findings, to the outcome.

Because investors often can’t access legal documents, we purchase and upload them for everyone for free. We’re also in the process of teaming up with the 501(c)(3) non-profit The Free Law Project for them to receive every court document we purchase and update their database.

Shareholder Rights

We help provide direct coordination efforts with experienced securities law firms to conduct investigations, pursue cases, obtain disclosures and financial recovery, as well as other available reliefs. We also engage in advisory services with said law firms for potential case reports.

We then track filing deadlines, developments, and settlements, to help investors protect their investments and their rights.

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Our Team

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Beranger Rios

Beranger Rios is the company's co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO). He is responsible for the vision of the company and managing the company's investigations. Prior to founding Brios, he worked as an investigator with securities law firms in New York City. Over the years, he investigated instances of potential securities fraud and corporate misconduct resulting in numerous lawsuits and other legal recourse. Following successful litigation by attorneys, shareholders benefited from settlements and corporate governance changes.

He holds a Master of Laws (LLM) from Fordham University in International Dispute Resolution, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Global Finance from the I.A.E. of Nice, France, and a joint Master's Degree in International Business & Trade Law from the University of Oslo, Norway and Poitiers, France.

In his spare time, Beranger Rios focuses on personal development, sports, and family.

Quentin Rios

Quentin Rios is the co-founder and CTO of the company.
He designed and developed this platform, its logo and promotional videos, along with the security and integration of the website. He has experience in design, web development & illustration.

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